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You spent money having your company website designed and built a few years ago. It did well and you got many sales/online traffic. However, it has not been performing as well recently and your sales are down.

Does this sound like you?
Its easy to give your website a dusting. From simple website design changes to more complicated coding, we tell you how to give your website the boost it needs:

1. Give your website an injection of new content:

Search engines love new content. Update the text  or images on your pages or create a blog. This injection of new content will tell search engines such as Google that your site is alive and kicking and your ranking will increase.

2. Update your sitemap:

You might need a web developer to help you with this one. When your site was submitted to Google/Bing/Yahoo etc, you gave the search engines a site map (a list of urls that you want it to crawl) If you have since deleted pages, your site map will no longer be up to date.

3. Update your metadata:

A few years ago, website developers used tricks to get your website high ranking in search engines (SEO – Search engine optimisation) One of the tricks was to pack the metadata full of keywords. This can now harm your website, so you need to update your keywords list and keep it to 15 words max. Your keywords are words that you consider to be important. They are likely to be the search terms that you think people would use to find your website. e.g: Florist Wakefield, Fresh flowers, Hand tied, Seasonal bouquets, Wedding Flowers…etc Don’t forget though, your keywords must also appear in the body of your web page!

If the above all sounds a bit complicated, or you want to learn more: Get in touch!

I wish this recession was over, I really do. For one thing, I am bored hearing about it!

As business owners, we need to be very savy and try everything to get business through the door. I hear many business owners complaining of a lack of footfall due to the recession, but they are not looking into new ways of marketing their business or increasing their sales.
Tip No. 1

Get on social media!
(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-in etc)

This one is a no-brainer, but it’s amazing how many SMEs have not yet realised its potential. If you have the time to manage it yourself, it is free. You can tap into an online market that is also free, get your brand awareness increased through “likes” and “shares”.

  1. Post regularly, on average once a day mid afternoon is best, but this sometimes will depend on your target audience. Don’t have time? You can schedule posts in advance.
  2. Post relevant information. The odd funny photo or update will not harm things, but if I have “liked” your business page, I want to hear about your company, your products or your ideas, so tell me about that, don’t bore me with irrelevant information. Visual content such as photos of your products, your staff (with their permission) and your events will always do well.
  3. Remember to remind your followers about your website (if you have one). The easiest way to do this is to add a blog to your website and then post a link to your blog on your social media. Or if you add new products, don’t forget to tell your followers about them. Post a link to your products on your post.
  4. Engage with your followers and encourage them to engage with you. You can do this by asking their opinion on subjects or asking a question for them to answer in your post.


  1. Post too often. You will lose “likes” and potential customers if you fill their time line with your updates. At best they might hide your posts but at worst they might “unlike” or stop following you.
  2. Forget to give them vital information. If you have a website, give them a link in the “about” section. Tell your story about your business or information about your products.
  3. Spam your followers. Even I was guilty of this one last year, but I have since given myself a telling off! Your followers like you and want to engage with you and feel they are talking to the human behind the company name. Don’t annoy them with template emails and messages. You are likely to lose them.
  4. Mix business with personal life unless it is relevant. I “like” your company, but that doesn’t mean I am interested in your kids or your pet dog.

If you want to get on social media but have no idea how or don’t think you have the time, don’t despair! We can help! Contact us for a chat or book one of our social media training sessions!

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