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It has been a while since Facebook changed the way we view our news feeds and any major look and feel redesign, so the news-feed redesign has been long over due.

It will probably get lots of the usual “put it back to the way it was, why did you change it?” moans from people that don’t deal with change very well, but hopefully it will be a good thing, bringing elements that we are already used to on our mobile phones, like the dark charcoal grey pop out menu on the left hand side.

The fact that this menu can hide, means that Facebook can devote much more space to our news-feed.

How we view the items we love will also change. We will be able to categorize our news-feed by photos, groups, pages etc. We are not sure when this change will be rolled out to all, but will keep you posted.


For the last few weeks we have been super busy planning for and doing a photography commission for Toni & Guy. York based marketing agency Helen of Troy hired us to photograph models and products during a three day commissioned shoot.

At the same time, Leeds based film production company Elastic Films were tasked to shoot some video for advertising purposes while we did the studio photography for the client. It was hard work but everything went very smoothly and the team worked together perfectly. We look forward to working with Helen of Troy, Unilever and Toni & Guy again in future.

A big thank you to the team and the client for a great shoot. We will be editing the images during the next few weeks and look forward to seeing the photographs on product packaging in high street stores like Boots. The images will almost certainly also be used in magazine adverts.