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Fionnuala Donnelly, Mustard Seed MediaThinking of showing the human side of company?

There are some points to remember if you wish to publish photos of your staff on your website or marketing material:

  • As a customer/client it is always good to be able to put a face to a name of staff that you are dealing with/want to contact.
  • The internet and telephone can be very impersonal, its great to know there is an actual human on the other end.
  • It helps cement long-distance business relationships.
  • Putting a face to name before a networking event/business meeting so you recognize them when they arrive.


  • Staff photos are not a good idea for all companies, for example:
  • If your company has a high staff turn over.
  • If your employees are all relatively young (under 25) it may give an impression of lack of experience.
  • If your company is small and you are trying to give the impression of a larger brand.
  • Cheesy photographs of top CEOs and Directors can come across as fake. Your customer does not want to feel manipulated, so think carefully before you decide to publish photos on your site as it doesn’t benefit everyone.

Lastly, there are some “do’s” and “dont’s” for staff photos:

  • Most importantly, don’t enforce it: check with your staff that they are happy with you doing this as everyone has a right to privacy. Some people just don’t want their photo published on the internet. This could be just personal choice, however be aware that there could be a more serious reason and so you should respect their wishes.
  • The photos should reflect the companies values: Formal head-shots for a corporate company / more informal photos for a fun-loving organisation.
  • The photos should always be consistent. Use the same background, image size, style throughout.
  • Don’t ask your staff for photos you can use as you are likely to get back photos that are bad resolution/quality or involve drunken nights out.
  • Use a professional photographer who understands what you are trying to achieve, knows how to get your staff to relax and smile and who can bring quality photography equipment to achieve the best from your staff.

Mustard Seed Media offer a photography service for your company’s products, but this can also be extended to achieving fab photos of your staff members. An alternative suggestion for those unsure, would be to use your staff photos on your social media e.g your company Facebook Page. Don’t have a Facebook Page?

Why do we call ourselves Mustard Seed Media? I get asked this many times.

The Mustard Seed is a tiny seed that is packed full of potential. With some love and attention it can grown into one of the biggest trees! We are a small company ourselves and we deal largely with other SMEs.

Our aim is to help them to reach their potential by giving them an online presence that rocks! So if you don’t think you are truly reaching your potential? why not see if we can help out.

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