Acceptable Use Policy

1. Our Product & Services

As a customer of Mustard Seed Media you will have purchased one of our products (website design, branding & logo design, email hosting, website hosting or web development) or services (social media training, photography, web training, consultancy) which are collectively referred to as our Products.

Any and all interaction, whether by yourself or any other party that you give access to our Products, as part of your use of our Products will be subject to this Acceptable Use Policy.

2. Inappropriate Use

The relevant laws that apply in the United Kingdom will by default apply to any and all use of our Products by yourself or any other party that you give access to our Products.

The use of any of our Products for the following purposes is strictly prohibited and will result in legal action being taken:

  1. to obtain, copy, transfer or make available any pirated or copyrighted material including but not limited to licensed software, applications, data, documents, music, films and other material of a literary, artistic or legal nature
  2. to send spoofed, bulk, fake or unsolicited email messages (commercial or otherwise) or collect such responses
  3. to use any of our Products (or part thereof) as a component in another website or application that is in breach of the above two stipulations

3. Security

Any action that can be labelled a “denial of service” (DoS) attack or any attempt to breach the authentication or security measures inherent in our Products will result in the immediate termination of service, with notice being given after such termination is in effect.

4. Fair Use

As a customer of Mustard Seed Media you agree to abide by our Fair Use policy, which places the following usage restrictions on our Products:

Product Limit Period
Email account hosting – the size of our email account 2 Gigabytes Account lifetime
Email account bandwidth 5 Gigabytes Per month
Website bandwidth 300 Gigabytes Per month
Website storage space 1 Gigabyte Website lifetime

Any and all use of our Products over and above the stipulated limits will incur additional charges. Usage of our Products over and above the stipulated limits might from time to time result in loss of service or our Products becoming unresponsive, at which time Mustard Seed Media Ltd will not be held liable for any loss or damage arising from such a breach of usage limits.

Fantastic video! Even managed to make use of my nervous chatter!…

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