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Recently we were approached by one of our clients who noticed he was getting a high volume of traffic to his site, however did not seem to be getting much in the way of leads or conversions. On closer inspection, his Analytics was giving him misleading false data, and I can guarantee that yours is doing exactly the same to you, so it’s worth having a look at.

When you log into your Google Anayltics dashboard and open up Reporting>Acquisiting>All Traffic>Referrals have a look down the list of referrals for any of these sites:


What are these sites and why are they linking to your site?

They are not linking to you at all. These sites represent fake referrals. They are created in your Google Analytics account to trick you into visiting spamming websites. If you open on these URLs in your browser, you will likely to be redirected to an online store, marketing scam or malware site. Welcome to the world of Google Analytics Spam!

google spam

The biggest culprit at the moment is Semalt. Check out this very useful article that looks at Semalt in more detail. The bad news is that these sites an seriously mess up your metrics, giving you a completely inaccurate idea of how many visitors/referrals your site gets. The good news, is that you can block them. We put filters in place to ensure that the data you are seeing is more accurate.

Click here to see a very useful article that explains how to set up your own filters  (though please read the instructions VERY CAREFULLY!), or get in touch with us for a quote and we will do the hard work for you.

Its coming up to Christmas, that time of the year some love and some dread. Some of the big high street stores spend thousands on their marketing and advertising in order to do a good job of temping you into their stores to purchase their goods, with their windows buzzing with sales, deals and offers.

This Christmas we are urging you to consider the little guys – those independent shops and businesses that you only find in your city or town. Shopping locally helps to improve the local economy, and we all know that our cities are in desperate need for that boost! – research suggests a pound spent with a local business stays in the local economy for five more transactions whereas a pound spend with a national business operating locally stays in the local economy for just two transactions. There are many campaigns already out there that we support including “Unique Wakefield”, “Select Local Magazine” and “Shop Antrim Road” . You only need to Google “shop local [your town]” to find a similar campaign.

Part of Mustard Seed Medias mission and ethos is to be able to provide services affordable for the Small – Medium businesses. We are a Wakefield based company (although our clients are now spread globally from London to New York) and we want to help our local businesses to thrive at this time of the year, partly because we genuinely want our town to do well for the local economy and partly for selfish reasons – if they do well in business, then we do well too!

If you know of a “shop local” campaign near you, please tell us about it!