It was back in May that we got chatting to owners Margaret and Jamie about a website to showcase their cafe –
Mocca Moocho

We were already regular customers, popping in for a coffee and a slice of cake. Their upstairs lounge was often nice and quiet on an afternoon, so perfect for a company meeting.

Margaret and Jamie wanted a way of spreading awareness of their cafe to try and increase their footfall. They had been open a few years and their cafe did really well at lunch time, but wanted to reach out to more customers and show that their cafe was more than just a place for lunch.

So we had a look at how they were doing business and how they were reaching customers and came up with a few ideas. Firstly, their blue interior and chalk drawings gave the cafe a definite identity, however they did not have a logo, an image they could use on menus, chalk boards and marketing material that would be recognizable by their customers. We came up with a few ideas, including a cow that we nick named Mocca Moo.

Mocca Moocho MockupColour scheme for mocca moocho including a cow

Designers don’t always get things right and our first logo idea was not a hit. We missed the mark completely, but it at least helped us to discover what the owners did and did not like. So we went back to the drawing board again and came up with two other options.

Mocca Moocho LogoLogo idea for Mocca Moocho
This time, we were much closer to the owners vision for the cafe – a place people could meet and chat over coffee. Somewhere to relax and enjoy a coffee with a friend.

With the logo sorted, we could start their online marketing. So far, they had very limited online presence. We discussed the idea of Facebook and Twitter which, like many other business owners, they knew very little about. Social media is not just a place for the youngsters. One of the fastest growing demographics on facebook are the over 40s females, so it makes sense to tap into this marketing tool. You can read more about it here.

Facebook for business wakefieldSuccessfulOutreachSo we set up their Facebook Page
We set up their Twitter Page
We added them to Google Maps

We provided them with business cards:

We helped establish their customer service on their social media sites and taught them how to engage with their online customers. Now, they they can post photographs, update their status and chat with customers with no help. Margaret seems to get a real buzz from the reactions she receives when she posts something.

Over the summer we popped in on several occasions and took photographs of their cafe, the interior,their cakes, their staff, the sandwiches and drinks etc. All our photographs were drip fed onto the facebook and twitter pages to increase interest and awareness. They were also used on the website itself, especially on their cakes page.

We met a few times to ensure that the content and design of their website was perfect before the launch. They could have launched the site earlier, but decided to wait until after mid term break and to coincide with the opening of the Victorian Christmas market in Wakefield and the sale of their Christmas cakes. With a count down on facebook and twitter to get create some hype, the website eventually went live on the morning of the 21st of November.

Have a look, and give us your feedback! (oh and if you have a smart phone or tablet, check out their custom mobile site)

Guys you did it with style (I never doubted you wouldn’t )!! The website is fab ,very stylish and easy to use . A big thank you to you both.
– Jamie and Margaret Blackshaw, Mocca Moocho

If you are interested in letting us help your business increase its online presence, get in touch!

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