Armstrong Engraving, Belfast

Armstrong Engraving

Date: July 27, 2013

Aaron is a hard working engraver that will pretty much engrave anything solid, but if you buy one of his products from his brand new online shop, he will do the engraving bit for free (for a limited time at least).

We worked very closely with Aaron (albeit he is based in Northern Ireland and we are based in Yorkshire) to get this website looking exactly how he wanted it, keeping him at all times in the driving seat. Aaron was definitely one of our more critical clients but he had every right to be as we held the future of his business in the palm of our hands. So the website went through many variations before he decided that it was just right and the perfect time for a launch.

We are very glad to hear that his business has got very busy and we hope that our website design has been a major part of that success.

We learnt a lot with this project, including how to get Google hangouts and Skype working in order to have face to face meetings with our international clients.