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Skills: Website Design

March 2014: March 27, 2014

We met Caroline of Fasprint Ltd through 4Networking Wakefield. Actually we met for the first time, this time, last year at 4Networking Castleford Lunch and got a glimse of her fiery personality… but didn’t quite get to see the full extent of this woman’s ability and style until we went to Wakefield 4N. Caroline is not exactly shy and retiring. Anything but! With a gavel in one hand and a 4N script in the other, her way with words and how she whipped the breakfast networkers into submission made us fall in love with her very quickly.

Over time she also got to know Fionnuala and Mustard Seed and began to see that we were a company she could trust. Having been on the search for a decent printing company for some time we started to throw jobs her way and were very impressed at her level of professionalism, quality of product and the timescales she worked to. We developed a very good working relationship and a friendship also blossomed over a few glasses of wine.

One thing was missing though. Fasprint’s website did not match the personality of the front woman – Caroline Andrew-full-of-personality-can-hear-her-a-mile-away-gift-of-the-gab-Johnstone. Compared to her vivacious and addictive personality, their company website looked like a dead fish. It needed energy and colour injected into it badly.

We approached her about it and discovered that she had put off updating the site for nearly 3 years. This was because she had never met a design company that she could trust. “Mission accepted”! we thought.

Over the course of several meetings and discussions we have arrived at a website that finally matches its owner and have loved working on it.

Creative websites are what we at Mustard Seed Media do best and Caroline of Fasprint Ltd is one of our most creative and colourful clients to date.

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