I often get asked what is Reiki and how did I get into doing it, after all I am not the stereotypical “new age” person that you may have in your mind especially if you meet me, I’m a shaven headed tattooed guy who likes to work out.

What is Reiki – In a nutshell it means life force energy or in western words energy healing, it deals with a person’s Ki (their Chi), it is such a gentle healing that it works with people, animals, plants and even works alongside modern medicine

What got me on my path to becoming a Reiki healer was when my wife was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and although she had been living with it all her life once she started on medicine to help the pain. It actually had the reverse effect and caused her to need to use a walking stick before her 30th birthday, so action was needed. I had heard about Reiki and a local teacher was offering a 1 day course to attune you to level one and having been told by every psychic I had ever met that I had healing hands I thought it may be worth investigating.

I passed the first level and immediately went home to my wife and started to work on her knees and hips, gradually she started to get better but the pain kept coming back, we found though that other issues were eased like her PMT with a Reiki healing. It got to the stage where she was able to bin her medication that she used for PMT and started to use my healing hands instead. Well I found this to be marvelous and signed up to take Level 2 so I could start working with people outside of my family. Getting to this level helped my wife and her symptoms dramatically and within 12 months of level 2 Reiki once a week she was able to stop using her stick as much and binned the daily ibuprofen usage and only used it when it left her bed ridden.

Fast forward to 8 years later and if you met my wife now you would not know that she has Osteoarthritis as she manages it with positivity, love and above all regular Reiki sessions, she has not used a stick in over 6 years and only takes medicine if I’m not around or she has been driving long distance. She is only one of a number of people that I have helped over the years and I now run my own business. You can find out more about what Reiki is or if you want to know if it can help you then please visit my website www.peaceandlight.co.uk and make contact with me.

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