Our clients often employ third-party SEO & marketing companies to help them promote their websites, which from our point of view is a good idea as it’s not our cup of tea.

We are however inevitably asked by those companies for FTP access to our client’s website. We unfortunately do not provide FTP access to any of our clients website because FTP is an insecure transfer protocol.

What does “insecure transfer protocol” mean?

When transferring files to and from a server using FTP, everything including usernames and passwords are sent over the internet in clear text. An attacker or hacker can “listen” for this kind of traffic on the internet and capture your login information or even the information you are transferring.

It is an insecure method of copying information from one computer to another, or from your marketing company’s computer to our server.

The technical jargon version

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a TCP/IP protocol which transfers files between FTP servers and clients. With the use of either an IP address or a hostname, FTP can create a link to a remote computer after resolving hostnames to IP addresses.

FTP has a major drawback while performing authentication the data will transfer in plain text, this allows anyone spoofing traffic to capture the username and password mid-transaction. This is the reason why FTP is considered insecure.

We do provide…

We provide a completely free, secure service whereby your marketing or SEO company sends us any files that they need on your website* (for instance an updated robots.txt file, sitemap file or other).

The files that make up your website are editable through the content management system that we provide with every website we design.

In this way we keep your website secure while your marketing or SEO company ensures your clients can find it online.

*Usage restrictions & fair use ploicies apply, please contact us for details

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